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First Time Buyers

The purchase of a home can appear daunting. Costs, risks, First Time Home Buyers incentives and programs, options, financing, compromises ... just a few of the factors at play for first time prospective homeowners. Couple all of that with competition from other buyers in a market that appears to favour sellers in much of Montreal – it has all the potential to feel overwhelming!

And what about homeowners who after decades of living in their current home, are downsizing and considering the purchase of a condo? Though the principles of buying a property haven’t changed, many of the technicalities and details since they last purchased certainly have.

My adaptability, patience and enthusiasm serve me especially well with first time buyers.

I’ve met clients who have researched the market, obtained mortgage pre-approval, know their budget and have identified where they want to live. With them, I outline all the steps involved in buying, and ensure that they understand the respective obligations of the purchaser and seller. The buying process often proves to be short – sometimes mere days, and the paperwork is done electronically.

Most first-time buyers need a bit more guidance – and time – before settling on a home. The initial meeting is key; we get to know one another. I listen and ask questions. I review the buyer’s wish list, budget and criteria. I explain the way I work, and answer any and all questions. And if by the end of the meeting, we’ve committed to undertake this exciting project together, I leave with a “can’t wait to get started!” feeling.

The greatest feeling is experiencing that “Wow, this is it!” moment with my buyers when they walk into THE home they’ve been looking for. Often however, getting there involves a lengthier route, one which I strive to make stress-free and enjoyable. I view the home visiting stage as an informative step during which buyers familiarize themselves with the different options available to them. Often this phase leads to a refinement of their search criteria – all of which are positive steps in the process. Even an Offer that doesn’t materialize is a learning moment, which once repeated, becomes more familiar and less daunting.

The referrals I get from my first-time home buyer clients are incredibly gratifying … and enable me to start the entire process once again with someone new!

Looking to purchase your first home? Let’s talk!


Naomi Ben David

Residential Real Estate Broker

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