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Buying a Property

Finding and purchasing the right property can be a lengthy and complex process. The methodology I use in the scouting and buying process, coupled with my patience, persistence and adaptability to clients’ particularities, are all geared to a smooth and enjoyable experience that culminates in a secure real estate transaction.

Here are the steps I typically undertake with Buyers:


Face to face meeting to discuss the client’s priorities and criteria (for remote buyers, the discussion can be held via video-chat). We will discuss financing options. If necessary, I can refer to my network of mortgage brokers and specialists. We go over the search and home visits process and the client’s preferences and availability. With first-time buyers, I review the steps involved in purchasing.


I accompany my clients to all visits, and take careful note of their feedback. Often, as buyers familiarize themselves with the market, their criteria change. They compromise with their partners … they reassess their priorities … they become aware of the market forces in their chosen neighbourhood.  As such, very few showings are a waste of time; they all add to the buying process. I’ve sold properties after a single visit, others after dozens. What counts for me is the client’s complete satisfaction once the transaction is completed.

The Offer:

The components of the Promise to Purchase will be reviewed with the buyers, including all their rights and obligations. Prior to completing the offer, I will review all the aspects of the property and elements of the listing. The goal is to present a strategic offer that maximizes my buyers’ chances of getting the property under the best possible conditions.


Buyers will be given a calendar with all deadlines and significant dates leading up to the fulfillment of conditions and to the signing of the deed of sale. If necessary, a list of inspectors, specialists, contractors and notaries will be made available. I will be on-site for the inspection, and will be proactive to ensure that all parties are meeting their obligations at this critical stage. It is at this point that my skills as a negotiator and problem solver become apparent and prove to be definite assets … beginning with the Offer and extending to the notarial signing and well beyond.

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